Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Twins Exposed!!

After an experimental breast augmentation, where women inject fetal stem cells in their breasts to promote cell growth, Angelina Jolie got an unexpected surprise earlier this week. Her new breasts, have slowly been sprouting two fetal heads complete with faces and internal organs. Dr. Steiner (who has not treated Jolie) says this is not uncommon in undeveloped methods of using stem cell research.

"While not the desired affect, Jolie will most likely be able to remove the heads, leaving two supple breasts in their place.

While Jolie's rep would not comment, Brad Pitt says he's happy with the "twins" result, and wishes her to keep the heads in tact.

Mary-Kate Desperate for Money

After being sued for killing Heath Ledger, Mary-Kate has taken her skills to the streets. Insiders claim that she has been working as a high class escort for the past three weeks, attracting the newest internet fetish followers "troll lovers." Ashley, who is not a dirty whore prostitute, wrote on her blog earlier today;

"Its been really hard for the whole family, but I support my sister no matter what she does."

Mary-Kate, who recently turned into a troll, has been struggling with whoreism since her battle with cocain addiction.

We wish her and her family all the best.